Adult Forum

Adult Forum meets weekly at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Topics relate our Christian faith to issues of the day, and we often have speakers and presenters from the community. Adult Forum is a popular and lively Augustana tradition which explores issues of faith and life. Hot coffee and treats are served beginning at 8:45!


August 13

Omaha Sanctuary Movement

·      What is sanctuary?

·      Why is it needed?

·      How does it work? Is it legal?

·      What is Sanctuary-in-the-Streets?

·      How will the Trump administration affect sanctuary?

In 2016 Omahans heard the stories of three Guatemalans, including one child, who had fled violence in their homeland and endured many trials traveling through Mexico.  The US Border Patrol detained and would have deported them, but the sanctuary network of Austin, TX, helped them avoid deportation so they could obtain a hearing and receive residency status.  

Learn from a local leader about the goals of the Omaha Area Sanctuary Network

Larry Jensen,First United Methodist Church


August 20

Birthpangs of Justice

The Old Testament prophet Isaiah has Yahweh “about to do a new thing.” (Is. 43:19)  Mothering images, “Suffering Servant” themes, and calls to observe Yahweh’s justice abound in Isaiah 40 - 66.  We will identify and read some of our favorites.



Gloria Austerberry
August 27

Young People Arise--Hopes and Dreams

Panel of young adults including OTOC interns