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Adult Forum meets weekly at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Topics relate our Christian faith to issues of the day, and we often have speakers and presenters from the community. Adult Forum is a popular and lively Augustana tradition which explores issues of faith and life. Hot coffee and treats are served beginning at 8:45!




Lectio Divina

  • Lectio Divina has been compared to a cow chewing her cud and a dancer dancing.  What does this ancient way of reading the Bible have to offer us today?  How can verses from Scripture "read" us? 
  • Henri Nouwen in "Spiritual Direction" and Marjorie Thompson in "Soul Feast" have insights.

Gloria Austerberry, Spiritual Director & Member of Augustana



Bible Study: Habbakuk--Pre-Exile

The people of Israel have their own land and nation. Despite these things, there is still evil surrounding them. There is still oppression. There is still famine. Justice is not prevailing the way Habakkuk would’ve thought would happen in the nation of God. How can such oppression and injustice exist when they are in control of their own nation? Where is God?

Pastor Jan

December 10


Bible Study: Ezekiel and Daniel--Preaching During a Time of Exile

Ezekiel and Daniel are the only prophets in the Old Testament during a time when Israel was in exile. What does it mean to be a prophet while your nation is currently being oppressed? Staying true to your core and your God in a foreign land is extremely difficult. The people of Israel did not know if they would ever return to their home, so they weren’t motivated to stay true to their God.


Pastor Jan,

Vicar Ang



Bible Study: Ezra--Rebuilding After Exile

The people of Israel are now free from exile. However, rebuilding their nation has brought some difficulties unique to this situation. How does one deal with rebuilding without at the same time mourning what was lost? The priest Ezra helps guide the people of Israel in this confusing time. How do we hold onto our faith in times of great change? Do we hold onto the past or dream of a new way forward?

Vicar Ang



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