Adult Forum

Adult Forum meets weekly at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Topics relate our Christian faith to issues of the day, and we often have speakers and presenters from the community. Adult Forum is a popular and lively Augustana tradition which explores issues of faith and life. Hot coffee and treats are served beginning at 8:45!


February 11

Evolution "Our Shared Humanity." 

Ted Talk

• The Biology of Race in the Absence of Biological Races | Rick Kittles

Chuck Austerberry



Ethics in Society Illuminated by Rod Serling's 1961 Teleplay, "The Shelter" 

• A viewing of this unique episode of the Twilight Zone, particularly pertinent to our time

• Discussion follows assisted by a fascinating handout providing historical context

Stacy Katczinsky




Romans I

  • At the turn of the first century, Rome was the big apple, a cosmopolitan metropolis just shy of 5 million; political, economic and cultural capital of the western world. Paul, the founder of European Christianity, had great success establishing mission churches throughout the empire but now he was ready for the big time. His Epistle to the Romans is not so much a letter to the already established church in Rome, as a preview of the unique message he will be bringing; a definition of his Christianity that became ours.
  • Scholars agree that these are Paul's own words and through oral interpretation by Mark Hoeger, Paul will speak directly to us again. Over three forums we hear and discuss the entire text of Romans. 
Mark Hoeger