Adult Forum

Adult Forum meets weekly at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Topics relate our Christian faith to issues of the day, and we often have speakers and presenters from the community. Adult Forum is a popular and lively Augustana tradition which explores issues of faith and life. Hot coffee and treats are served beginning at 8:45!




“Battle for the Soul of Capitalism” I:  God in Creation, Money, Stewardship and ‘Our Economy’

  • Is there a biblical basis for economic concerns?  A discussion of biblical principles that interact with contemporary capitalism.
Keith Nelson, member of Augustana



“Battle for the Soul of Capitalism” II

  • Ethics, and what we can do – are we actually powerless in the face of corporations, banks, financial institutions, and economic interests? Or are there things that we can do to contribute to morality and make it difficult for the marketplace to be immoral?

Keith Nelson, past President of Planned Giving Services (NE) and former Interim Director of the national ELCA Foundation



Luther and the Reformation Rick Steves

  • In this special, filmed for Public Television, Rick Steves tells the story of Martin Luther & much more.  He provides a context for the Reformation, explores the roots of the religious discontent leading to it & considers the messy politics of the 16th century.  
  • Half of the time we'll view the video and the other half discussion informed by the book, 'Martin Luther, Prophet & Renegade', written by Lyndahl Roper.
Bob Buschkemper, member of Augustana



Martin Luther: Renegade & Prophet, Lyndal Roper

  • A continuation of our discussion and thinking about the Reformation from last week based on Roper’s book.
Bob Buschkemper, member of Augustana



End of Life Issues I:  Immediate Financial Needs at Time of Death

  • Long-Term care insurance: How important is this type of insurance?
  • Pros and cons to pre-paying burial trusts, cremation, donating organs, donating our bodies for medical research.
  • Advisability of planning and putting money aside for funeral/memorial services.
  • Burial accounts purchased at a local funeral home. (including cremation, container for ashes, services, meals for those attending, flowers, and money to pay pastors for their services). 
  • Options – cremation societies?
  • Headstone and burial plot expenses?
  • Wills, Estates & Gift Planning will be covered in week IV (Nov. 19)
Bruce Wrona, Manager of Roeder Mortuary